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Positions at UNIDAPT Group
  • We are currently seeking a Compiler and Performance Engineer to work with us in the MILEPOST project until at least July 2009.

  • We are looking for collaborations on software developments to extend GCC ICI for MILEPOST GCC and support fine-grain cost-model tuning; function cloning for different contexts and enable retargetability of GCC without recompilation.

  • We may have PhD position very soon to work on adaptive optimizations and machine learning for dynamic (JIT-like) compilers, and find good balance between static and dynamic optimizations - please contact us for more details.

We always welcome highly-motivated English-speaking students, post-docs, researchers and engineers from all over the world (working language in UNIDAPT Group is English) for short-term and long-term collaboration, visits and internships. We are also interested in remote collaboration on software developments. We often have short-term internship positions for local students from Paris region (ENS, Paris-South University, etc). If you are self-motivated and interested to work with us on some specific UNIDAPT research topics and software developments , please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also subscribe to our announcements ...

Here is brief information about some sources of funding for short-term collaboration and visits:

  • for Paris region students: it is relatively easy to have a internship with us funded by your local institution or INRIA;
  • for HiPEAC members: we can apply for HiPEAC funding which covers visits of students from HiPEAC institutions to our group (from several weeks to several months);
  • for North-America colleagues: NFS and HiPEAC has agreements for some institutions to fund bi-lateral exchanges;
  • for others: INRIA has bi-lateral agreements with various countries - please check the websites of INRIA/INRIA Saclay and your own institution.


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions,
would like to discuss research, collaborations, visits, funding, etc,
please don't hesitate to contact us